The ticket is validated on your first travel day and determines the seasonal fare to be charged.
Provided the ticket has been validated, bear’s the holders name, passport number and signature, and has not reached its expiry date, the Eurolines Pass entitles the holder to travel between 43 designated cities shown in the Journey Planner, together with any applicable ferry crossings, road tolls and travel taxes. It is not possible to use the Pass for more than 2 journeys (one return) between the same city. The only extras may be for luggage charges where they apply. Youth fares are for passengers under 26 years, children under 2 years travel for free. It is not possible to purchase the pass for groups of more than 10.

The Eurolines Pass is neither refundable nor transferable. Misuse of the pass may lead to forfeiture. No refunds will be made for lost or stolen passes.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport/ I.D. card for travel, plus any visas that may be required in the various countries they may pass through or visit. Eurolines does not accept any responsibility for any person being refused the entry into any country included on the ticket in consequence of failure to obtain the correct and valid travel documents.

Customers are advised to reserve each journey at the designated Eurolines office or coach station at least 48 hours in advance. In high season it is advisable to make reservations well in advance. You are only guaranteed a seat if a reservation is made. When changing reservations, a fee may be charged in local currency. If a reservation is not made in advance, you may be put on a stand-by list. The first journey may be booked at the point of departure when purchasing the Eurolines Pass ticket. A reservation can only be made in the city of arrival, for which a fee of €4 or £3 will be charged for each journey booked.

All tickets are sold, subject to the standard conditions of carriage for the Eurolines member companies. In so far as these and other carriers conditions apply, these are implicitly accepted when you place a booking. Copies of the conditions of carriage are available for inspection at the local offices.

Eurolines is only allowed to operate international journeys therefore it is not possible to make internal journeys within a country using the Eurolines Pass with the exception of some services covered in the internal travel section.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with the service received from Eurolines member companies, you should address any correspondence to the Eurolines company you purchased your Eurolines Pass through, see list of offices.

Timetable information is only available on the website at every effort is made to keep the information as up-to-date as possible, but services may be subject to change. You are advised to check the timetable information at the local Eurolines office or at Be aware that not all 40 cities are directly linked.

Customers are advised to take a travel insurance.

Services are operated by Eurolines member companies throughout Europe.

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